Buddy Homburg: a clothing optional brand

As contrived as it is to say it, global supply issues have affected Buddy Homburg as well. Buddy is arriving to market naked, without a neck band. Nothing we could do. What used to be a matter of weeks is now a matter of months. You have likely seen this in your own worlds as […]

Buddy Homburg: Canada’s first 2g Infused Cannagar

VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2022 / Brandolier Holdings Inc. presents Buddy Homburg, a 2-gram Infused Cannagar, launching in July, 2022. The product will be the first of its kind in Canada’s legal cannabis market. With 600mg of total cannabinoids, Buddy Homburg begins with 20% THC flower in a hemp tube that is then infused with […]

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