Your guide to lighting and enjoying a Buddy Homburg


This may be your first experience with something like this so here are a few things we’ve picked up as we spent many, many days and months figuring this product out. #SharingIsCaring


Easy there, cowpoke. What’s your hurry? Take your time to properly ignite your infused cannagar experience. It will be worth it. A soft flame is what you’re after. Remain civilized and avoid torches. As there is a ribbon of CBD and CBG oils running through the centre of the cannagar, care must be taken to ensure an even burn from the get-go.

Hold the Buddy Homburg cannagar between the thumb and forefinger in your non-dominant hand. Hold at just about where the neck band is. While it’s preferable to use a lighter, a match will do, if you must. Light the lighter or match and hold very near the crown (tip) for a second or two to warm the oils and flower inside and get them in the mood for ignition.

Move the flame closer to the crown, as you roll the cannagar between your thumb and forefinger. It will eventually light. This isn’t a fire-cracker – no need to hold the flame under the cannagar. Look for that glorious red ring and take a few quick draws to get things going. Anyone who’s ever started a campfire knows that patience matters.


Thankfully you are not being pursued and can focus on the delight of the draw.

Also thankfully, Buddy burns slowly to give you a moment to appreciate the draw. The cannagar will wait for you between draws.
Give the cannagar one or two really short puffs to get some action going down range. Slowly draw into your mouth until it’s almost filled with smoke. Now, inhale and hold for a moment. The corn husk filter and pre-draw should have cooled the smoke down nicely. Exhale.
Look at how slowly your Buddy Homburg infused cannagar is burning. It’s in no rush, but keep your eye on it, giving it a quick puff every minute or so.


We do not recommend this as it can impact the experience when you come back to your Buddy. But, if you absolutely must, just let the infused cannagar burn out on its own. This will help minimize any burn smell or taste. NEVER stamp out. Yuck. Also, bad form.


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