The Gentleperson’s guide to “ashing” a cannagar


As there is purpose and intention in the crafting your cannagar, there should be purpose and intention when smoking it.

It should be regarded as low-brow to tap the top of your cannagar or otherwise flick the cannagar to remove ash. You are not a newspaper editor in a Marvel comic, with a wet, disgusting stogie in their mouth. At least that’s not how we see you.

We get it. No one wants a pile of ash falling off the end of their cannagar as they bring it up. Eek.

Generally, one can find a typical ash length on a Buddy Homburg Modern Infused Cannagar to be about 5mm or a half-inch. The trick is to avoid the compulsion of knocking the ash off – there could still be inner goodness still burning there.

The ash is actually working for you. It’s filtering incoming air to cool the burn so that you are presented with the taste that was intended. It also protects what’s called the “cherry” the fireball that’s slowly making its way down the tube. If the area around the cherry is heated too much or too quickly, the cherry could fall out. And you would look like a rookie.

But, don’t let the cannagar ash for too long as if can smother the extinguish the cannagar.

Never use force to remove the ash. Often, simply placing it on the edge of the ashtray will be enough to make the non-useful ash fall off. One can also lightly roll the cannagar ash along the bottom of the ashtray into a rounded or conical shape.

We would welcome your Buddy Homburg ash images.


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