The Gentleperson’s guide to Zippo etiquette


Congratulations on owning a classic lighter. How should you use it to maximum effect? Here are a few pointers:

1 – Always have it with you. Like a pocket knife, the zippo-style lighter is a tool of the gentleperson’s trade. Even if one does not smoke.2 – For Gawd’s sake, quit playing with it. It’s annoying. Take it out when it’s required. This helps prevent you from losing it, too.
3 – If you see someone readying themselves to light a combustible treat with a lesser lighter, THIS is the moment to take out your lighter. Those signature click and switch sounds let the other person know you came here to play. Remember to not jam the lighter into the other person’s face. Hold the lit lighter on your side of the midway distance between the two of you until your offer of ignition has been accepted.
4 – On that note, keep your lighter fuelled. Nothing kills the mood like a flame going out.
5 – Keep a few extra wicks with your lighter fluid. Trim your wick on the regular.
6 – Read the instructions when you first acquire it. That little, tiny thing that comes with your lighter? That’s a spare flint. Keep it in the reservoir under the felt flap inside the lighter.


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