The Mother of All Cannabinoids: CBG

Ingredients matter – that’s why you read the nutrition label while eating your favourite snack. and It’s also why we’ve purposefully chosen just the right ingredients for the best experience possible with the Buddy Homburg Modern Infused Cannagar. The Ingredient we are most excited about is CBG (cannabigerol), a minor cannabinoid that will leave you […]

Your guide to lighting and enjoying a Buddy Homburg

This may be your first experience with something like this so here are a few things we’ve picked up as we spent many, many days and months figuring this product out. #SharingIsCaring Lighting Easy there, cowpoke. What’s your hurry? Take your time to properly ignite your infused cannagar experience. It will be worth it. A […]

The Gentleperson’s guide to Zippo etiquette

Congratulations on owning a classic lighter. How should you use it to maximum effect? Here are a few pointers: 1 – Always have it with you. Like a pocket knife, the zippo-style lighter is a tool of the gentleperson’s trade. Even if one does not smoke.2 – For Gawd’s sake, quit playing with it. It’s […]

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